{Wild Card} Scrap Cloth Crochet Pattern

Free simple crochet cotton washcloth/towel pattern

There's not a whole lot of makers I know who like wasting their leftover supplies. Oftentimes, we have bins sitting around filled with scraps of supplies we don't have enough of to make a full product, but we hesitate to throw anything away. Amiright, makers??

As a crocheter, there's ALWAYS yarn left over after I complete a project. I make 100's of cotton cloths for a sweet little store in northern Texas called The Humble Life, so I'm constantly throwing the butts of my skeins in a big bin where they all pile up and get tangled together. I've been wanting to do something with these cotton scraps for quite some time. I figured, "Okay, so I can't make a full cloth with each piece in this bin, but I CAN crochet these scraps together and make a simple, random, multicolored cloth." So, that's what I did. And y'all...who knew scraps could make SO. MANY. CLOTHS!!! After seeing how many cloths are piling up, I'm SO GLAD I didn't throw these bits and pieces away!

My biggest concern (because I'm a perfectionist) was that they would LOOK like scrappy cloths, but y'all...I was pleasantly surprised to see that they weren't scrappy looking at all! I now truly believe that scrap yarn projects make the prettyiest, most interesting projects!

After posting my scrap cloths on Instagram and receiving well over a shocking 1400 likes, it seems y'all liked the idea juuuuust a little bit. Many of you started asking for the pattern. It's real simple, you guys, so I figured I'd write a quick blog and share the pattern for free.

As a bonus, because seriously...the pattern is SO SIMPLE...I decided to throw in a pdf download of some packaging wraps similar to the ones I use on mine. Feel free to print and cut them out and wrap your cloths in them so they're all purdy-like for gift giving!


any cotton scrap yarn you have hanging around

4mm crochet hook

tapestry needle



ch(s) - chain(s)

st(s) - stitch(es)

lhdc - long half double crochet

sc - single crochet

Special Stitch (lhdc):

Yo, insert hook, yo, pull through, yo pull through 1 loop, yo, pull through remaining loops.


  • As written, this pattern will create a 7-7.5 inch square cloth. Feel free to adjust the size as needed or desired. No sequence is involved, so just add as many sts as you'd like to achieve the size you wish.

  • First ch 2 does NOT count as 1st stitch.

  • Start with whatever color you'd like and simply change colors randomly as you run out of yarn.

  • To join new yarn, I recommend a magic knot for a very secure transition from one color to another, and to avoid weaving in any ends.


Foundation | Ch 32

Row 1 | lhdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch 2, turn work (29 sts)

Row 2 | lhdc in each st across (29 sts)

Row 3-17 | Repeat Row 2

Create a border of sc sts evenly around your work being sure to work 3 sts in each corner. Fasten off and weave in ends. I personally like to use an invisible join method for fastening off my own work.

There are many border options you could choose for this cloth that would be really pretty, so feel free to play around with this part to personalize them even more to your own taste and creative liking.

If you wish to have a detailed 11-page pdf print-out of this pattern to keep - that includes detailed instructions and photos for the stitches, magic knot, invisible join, and 4 of my favorite border options, feel free to grab the pattern from The Cozy Knot etsy shop.

If you're not a maker, but wish to gift some {Wild Card} Cotton Cloths to a friend or family member for Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day, teacher gift, etc, click here.

To download the wraps, click here.

As always, share your projects with me by tagging me in your photos on Instagram with #thecozyknot.