Super Simple No-Strain Nut Milk

Super simple no-strain healthy nut milk recipe

Have you ever made your own nut milk and found the straining process to be a little too tedious? Or ever wanted to make your own nut milk, but thought it would be too complicated to make? I'm about to make this SO EASY for you that I hope you run to the kitchen after this and get a batch started - 'cause you've probably already got the ingredient to make it in your pantry...nuts or seeds...that's it!

Due to the rise in allergies and concerns about sourcing from conventionally processed milk, people are shifting to dairy-free milk options. Although there are lots of dairy-free milk options available on the market now, they are still processed items with additives and preservatives to elongate shelf life.

Making your own nut milk is actually even healthier for you, and the process lends itself WAY better to a fresher, more flavorful nut milk with more of the nutrients intact.

Personally, I'm a total fan of nut milk, but in an attempt to make my own, I was completely turned off by the straining process. It involved a straining bag and squeezing the liquid from the pulp. To be honest, it kinda made a mess and I haven't been consistent with making it ever since. I've also tried it with my masticating juicer and didn't find that method any easier or cleaner. So, I eliminated the straining process altogether and now I see a whole new bright future with making my own nut milk. Additionally, when you DON'T strain your milk, you're leaving the paste/pulp IN, which retains and provides you with even more nutrients, less waste, and a creamier nut milk. The no-strain method is seriously the bombdotcom!


  • filtered water

  • 1 cup walnuts (my preferred nut)


Place nuts into a bowl, add filtered water until covered about 1/2 to 1 inch, and let sit on the counter for 12 hours or overnight. Quickly rinse and drain the nuts with cold water. Add nuts to blender with 3 fresh cups of filtered water and whatever sweetener/flavoring you prefer (I like to add 1 date + a drizzle of organic raw honey). Blend on high speed until reeeaaally well combined (roughly 2-3 minutes). Pour through a small mesh strainer (this will just remove any large chunks that didn't get blended up teenie tiny) into a glass mason jar, cover, and refrigerate. Shake before each use. It should stay fresh for about 4 days.

This milk tastes great all by itself, added to coffee (I LOVE it in my cold brew), smoothies, matcha lattes, oatmeal, or baked items - anywhere you'd use traditional milk!

You can also swap just about any other seed or nut for the walnuts. Try almonds, pecans, cashews, or hemp seeds! Hemp seeds are so soft that they don't really need soaking...or just soak them quickly for 20 minutes or so. Almonds I would soak for 24 hours because they are harder. Just keep in mind that softer nuts and seeds - and nuts and seeds with thin or no skin - will work better for this method as they break down better and create a smoother no-strain milk. I recommend starting with cashews, walnuts, or hemp seeds.

Feel free to experiment with flavoring. Try adding cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, allspice, cacao, vanilla, lavender, coconut, and superfood powders and/or protein powders. There are lots of possibilities to play around with.

I hope you feel much less intimidated to make your own nut milk and find the result as delicious as I do. Feel free to share your comments below or with me on Instagram (@thetanyajohnson).