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Stitch Tutorial | X Stitch

I usually prefer to keep my stitches fairly simple, but I learned a new stitch I am totally loving these days, and it's been working its way into many of my designs the last several months (the Meadow Mist Poncho and the Blue Bell Pullover, to name a couple). It is called the X stitch, but I've adjusted the original version of this stitch to make it shorter. The X stitch often uses a series of double crochets worked in a fashion that make the final stitch look like the shape of an X, but I would consider mine to be a half double crochet version. I really enjoy using this stitch for accents and edging, but have plans to experiment with a couple of whole designs that use only this stitch. Additionally, there are just some stitches that are just really fun to work up - this one is definitely one of those stitches! So, let's learn how to do it, shall we?

X Stitch Steps

In order to start the stitch sequence, you'll need a foundation single, half, or double crochet row in multiples of 3 + 2. Each multiple of 3 will count as (1) X stitch. The 2 extra stitches will be elongated double crochets that bookend your series of X stitches. Chain 3 at the beginning of your row (counts as 1st elongated dc) and insert an elongated dc in the last stitch of your row.

  1. yo twice

  2. insert hook into next st, yo, pull up loop

  3. yo, pull through 2 loops

  4. sk 1 st, yo, insert hook into next st, yo, pull up loop

  5. yo, pull through 2 loops

  6. yo, pull through 2 loops again

  7. yo, pull through 3 loops

  8. ch 1

  9. yo, insert hook in middle of X (where you last pulled through 2 loops; indicated by arrow), yo, pull up loop

  10. yo, pull through last 3 loops

  11. rep st sequence across


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