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Free Crochet Pattern | Easy Berry Stitch Cotton Cloth

Easy berry stitch free crochet cotton cloth pattern

I make these little 7 x 7 inch cotton cloths for a lovely little store in northern Texas, The Humble Life, owned by Taylor and April Locke (seriously...the cutest couple and store ever!). Although tedius, I really do love making them. With the holidays literally around the corner, it was time to make a new batch of these little beauties — 'cause they make a seriously perfect stocking stuffer idea paired with one of April's handmade soaps (hint hint...wink wink). Anyway, I usually make a different style cloth, but after making hundreds of the same stitch and style over and over again, I decided to switch up the stitch this time. I gotta say, I love how they turned out! They are the perfect texture for a body cloth, facial cleanser, or even washing the dishes! I'm so excited about this new little cloth that I decided to share the pattern for free with you here on the blog so you have time to make a couple for mom or grandma for Christmas — and order an item or two from The Humble Life, of course.


  • 4mm hook

  • 1 skein category 4 weight cotton yarn (I used I Love This Cotton — makes 2 cloths)

  • tapestry needle

  • scissors

Skill Level


Stitch Abbreviations

alt | alternate

ch(s) | chain(s)

berry | berry stitch

FO | fasten off

rep | repeat

sc | single crochet

st(s) | stitch(s)

yo | yarn over

Special Stitch (Berry Stitch)

Yo, insert hook, yo, pull through 1 loop, yo, insert hook, yo, pull through all 5 loops on hook.


Approximately 7" x 7" square


17.25 sts x 18 rows = 4" square or 28 sts x 29 rows = 6.5" square

For more on gauge, click here.

Additional Notes

  • cloth is worked flat, turning work at the end of each row

  • turning ch 1 does not count as a st

  • to customize width, add or subtract any number of chs to/from foundation row, making sure final count is an odd number

  • to customize length, add or subtract any number of rows to/from Row 4-29 section, making sure to end on an odd number row


Foundation | ch 29 -- (29 sts)

Row 1 | *berry in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next st,* rep from * to * across ending with a sc in last ch, turn work -- (28 sts)

Row 2 | ch 1, sc in each st across, turn work -- (28 sts)

Row 3 | ch 1, *berry in next st, sc in next st,* rep from * to * across ending with a sc in last st, turn work -- (28 sts)

Rows 4-29 | alt Row 2 and 3; on last row, do not FO and continue immediately to border


After Row 29, turn work and ch 1. Sc in each st around and 3 sts in each corner.

FO and weave in ends.

Shop + Make

I'd love to see how your projects turn out and support your maker journey, so don't forget to tag me on your photos @thecozyknot and use the hashtags #thecozyknot and #berrycottoncloth in your post captions so I don't miss your makes and can share them with my community.


All pattern images/content on this site are/is copyright protected. Patterns are for personal, non-commercial use only, and are the sole property of The Cozy Knot and Tanya Johnson. It is only through your amazing kindness and integrity that I’m able to do what I do. I appreciate you! Thank you!

If you choose to sell items made from any of my patterns (either paid patterns or patterns free on the blog), do not use my photos as your sales photos. You are required to credit me as the designer of your product for pattern rights using the information below. Please paste it into your seller listings or wherever you choose to market/sell your product(s) - whether this be online or in a physical space (shop/market/etc.)

Pattern Design: The Cozy Knot/Tanya Johnson

Permission for any kind of mass/factory production of items NOT granted. Permission for any kind of video tutorials using my patterns NOT granted.

For full details on pattern policies, click here.


Mar 29, 2020

Berry Stitch question - After I pull through all 5 loops, do I need to ch 1 or do I go straight into the next chain for a sc?

Tanya Johnson
Tanya Johnson
Oct 26, 2022
Replying to

I am SO sorry I'm just now seeing this comment (how embarrassing 🙈), but no, you do not ch 1 after the berry st, you just continue.

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