DO-OVER! I call do-over!

DO-OVER! I call a do-over!

Have you ever felt like you've needed a do-over? A fresh, clean slate and space to express yourself, your thoughts, share your journey, and explore who you are?

Lately I've felt extremely stirred up (and by lately, I mean the last couple of years) - like a tornado of hobbies, interests, beliefs, goals, careers, passions, name it! My focus is blurry and I have a hard time deciding where to put my energy.

I've always been told that having a niche is where it's at when you're building your own business and brand. That positioning yourself as an expert in ONE thing (fitness, faith, creativity, entrepreneurship, travel/adventure, or any other category you can think of) is how you attract, find, and connect with your tribe as well as offer value to people.

I've discovered recently that narrowing myself down and compartmentalizing my life in that way makes me feel like my soul is being torn into a million little pieces. Anytime I try and choose one thing, I fell like I'm neglecting all the other things that make me, me. I feel deeply connected to myself on a lot of different levels.

I'm an introvert, artist, pianist, crocheter, newlywed, entrepreneur, Jesus follower, identical twin, nature lover, and Texas MinnesOOOtan.

I dig yarn, coffee, craft beer, books, personal development, the color green, working out, holistic wellness, Netflix, music, podcasts, photography, travel, and cozy blankets.

I AM all these things, so I'm creating a new space - here on the blog and on Instagram - where I am giving myself the freedom and permission to express, explore, and BE all these things...while hopefully sharing content that you can find value in around the areas of joy, wellness, creativity, and authenticity.

So, let me know in the comments section below...have you ever felt this way, too? I'm hoping there are more of us floating around out there!