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Crochet Pattern | November Mittens

girl modeling a handmade blue-gray ribbed chunky crochet mittens

Introducing the November Mittens. These are the perfect simple modern knit-like ribbed crochet mittens. They make a great make for yourself or as a gift for someone you love. Because of the knit-like texture, these mittens do not contain any gaps or holes, so they will keep you quite warm when venturing outdoors in the cold fall or winter months.

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The Design

These mittens feature a knit-like ribbed texture. They are worked in one piece that incorporates short rows for shaping along the way and adding the thumb. If short rows intimidate you, don't worry...they are quite simple, and reference photos are included to help you along the way.

Fit + Sizing

The mittens are designed to fit the hands of an average adult female with a hand circumference of between approximately 7-7.5" and hand length of approximately 7". If you'd like to adjust the size slightly, I would recommend going down a hook size to make mittens a little smaller and up a hook size to make them a little bigger. Due to ribbed design, mitten is quite stretchy width-wise. They should not be super oversized, but should also not be tight.


Hand Circum.

Mitten Circum.

​Hand Length

Mitten Length

One Size






As written, you'll need:

Other materials you'll need:

  • 5mm crochet hook

  • tapestry needle

  • scissors

Yarn Substitutions:

Audine Wool Mellow is a 80% alpaca and 20% tencel blend that is a complete joy to work with. It is super soft and very luxurious, but also really forgiving and takes well to frogging. I frogged this design about 129391287409860235984712 times before I got it right, and the yarn held up so well! It is labeled as a category 5 bulky weight yarn, however, I feel this is closer to a worsted/heavy worsted/aran weight yarn, so keep this in mind if/when selecting a substitute. If substituting, I highly recommend making sure you make a gauge swatch. Small differences in gauge can lead to big differences in project outcome. For more on gauge, you can read this blog.

  • WeCrochet Swish Bulky | This is a 100% fine superwash merino wool yarn — perfect for items like mittens and hats.

  • WeCrochet City Tweed Aran | This is a stunning and soft 55% merino wool, 25% superfine alpaca, and 20% donegal tweed blend. This is one of my favorites from WeCrochet and would be a really great and equivalent substitute for the yarn I used.

  • Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek Worsted | This is a low-pill 100% acrylic yarn that is great for items that get lots of wear. It also comes in some beautiful, modern colors.

  • Yarn Bee Must Be Merino Aran | This is a 50% merino wool, 25% acrylic, and 25% nylon blend that is another great option for items that get lots of wear.

Required Skills

  • working flat

  • gauging

  • basic sts

  • loop recognition

  • short rows

  • understanding of asterisks and brackets

  • experience reading a crochet chart

  • following a pattern with minimal or no photo references

  • experience reading a pattern

Shop + Make

The pattern is available here in the pattern shop on my website, on Ravelry, and on Etsy.

I'd love to see how your projects turn out and support your maker journey, so don't forget to tag me on your photos @thecozyknot and use the hashtags #thecozyknot and #thenovembermittens or #novembermittens in your post captions so I don't miss your makes and can share them with my community.


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Pattern Design: The Cozy Knot/Tanya Johnson

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