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I'm so glad you're here, m'dear! When you sign up to get your kit, you're joining a community of the most lovely friends ever + getting access to an amazing library of resources and education to get you started on your plant-based, non-toxic, and natural journey to living well in your body + home!

More Than Just Oils

I think the first thing people think about when they hear "Young Living" is essential oils, but they are much MUCH more than just an essential oil company. They are a company that provides holistic, plant-based solutions for literally every facet of our lives:

Physical Wellness | Emotional Wellness | Spiritual Health | Fitness & Performance | Home Purification | Beauty & Hygiene | Animal Care | Infant/Child Wellness

CLICK HERE to view the entire digital catalog of hundreds of products Young Living carries + learn about the farms and Young Living Foundation. 

And CLICK HERE to view our digital catalog devoted entirely to Savvy Minerals!

Because of this, you don't HAVE to get started with an essential oils specific wellness kit (if that feels overwhelming for you). You could start with Thieves or Ningxia Red instead...or build your own kit! Start where you feel the MOST comfortable, with the products you KNOW you will dive into immediately (because there's no point in investing in a kit that will continue to sit in the box), and work your way out from there.

I personally RARELY purchase essential oils, and rotate my monthly wellness subscription box to include things I use most often like cleaning products, make-up, personal care, or vitamins/supplements...and get virtually all my oils for FREE (and I have a LOT of them)! But we'll get to that later.

Giving Back

This is my favorite part! There's an option to donate on every order (round up your total purchase or donate an amount of your choosing) to the Young Living Foundation. You'll be giving to a great cause (see the projects below), because every single cent of every single dollar goes to help those in need (not the operational costs of running the foundation OR lining anyone's pockets).

Here are the projects of the Young Living Foundation:

Escalera | Helping youth in Chiapas reach high school graduation

Goals For Girls | Leadership development program for girls

Hope For Justice | Fights human trafficking (+ helps survivors)

Healing Faith Uganda | Provides effective education, testing, and treatment of malaria

Rebuild Napal | Restoring homes, schools, and hope after the 2015 earthquakes

Sole Hope | Fighting jiggers through education and treatment

Young Living Academy | Offering high-quality education for children and jobs for teachers in Ecuador

Getting Started

As soon as you're plugged into our community as a wholesale member, you'll receive an email from me, plus...

  • an invitation to join our private community/family on Facebook and/or Instagram

  • 24% off all future product purchases

  • access to the Essential Rewards Program (free stuff, y'all!)

  • a digital Getting Started with Essential Oils guide

  • endless information + resources at your fingertips

  • access to 2 mentorship programs (should you decide to grow a biz): 1. BIZ101; 2. Moving Mountains

  • other virtual classrooms and mentorship opportunities

  • exclusive vault containing graphics and photos for you to use

  • your personal referral link to share with friends and/or family who ask you about products ('cause they will!)

Okay, so now that you know what you get, let's show you how to get it.

There are 2 ways to purchase products:


  • NO renewal fee or added fees, just purchase a minimum of 50pv of produce 1x/year, and your account stays active

  • NO monthly order minimums | Order whenever you'd like , as often as you'd like, and get 24% off

  • NO requirement or pressure to do this as a business | Simply use and love the products

  • You'll receive a member number + referral code | In case you want to share with your friends/family (you'll receive compensation)


  • NO starter kit required at all

  • NO order minimums | Order what you'd like, whenever you'd like (but pay 24% more than a wholesale member)

  • access to our private customer group on FB where you can connect with other customers + learn about products

If you're ready to purchase retail, click here, select "No Thanks," and continue shopping as you like! Make sure to include the following # in the referral section for both sponsor and enroller - 2044682

If you're interested in a wholesale membership, there are many kit options to choose from:


If you're ready to join as a wholesale member, click the button below and follow the steps:

1. Choose your kit | You can toggle between the tabs to select which kit you would like to start with.

2. Set up Essential Rewards

If you've selected the Basic Starter Kit and want to build your own kit | You'll want to make sure not to skip this step. Select "Yes" to Essential Rewards, then select "Customize Your Kit."Pick what products you'd like.

If you're selecting a Premium Starter Kit | I highly recommend doing this upon sign-up (see why in the Essential Rewards info below). The kit you selected in step 1 can be counted towards your 1st Essential Rewards order, whatever you select to go in your Essential Rewards order after that will be shipped out the following month. You can easily adjust or cancel your subscription at anytime without any penalties or fees.

To do this, say "Yes" to Essential Rewards enrollment, say "Yes" to count it towards your 1st Essential Rewards order, then add whatever products you'd like to your shipment for next month.

To skip this, say "No" to Essential Rewards enrollment, just know you'll be leaving free promo product(s) and points on the table when you forego this step.

3. Create your account | Input your information and set up your username and password. Make sure the following number is in the sponsor/enroller/referrer section - 2044682

4. Select shipping and input your payment information

5. Complete Checkout

That's it! You'll receive a confirmation email shortly, and another email from me within 24-48 hours to plug you into all the goodies while you anxiously wait for your mail carrier to drop the best box ever on your doorstep!


Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards (ER) is the easiest and most affordable way to start swapping out all the chemical and toxic products in your home for plant-based and natural products for you and your family - things that you use every single day. Essential Rewards is your fully customizable monthly wellness subscription box.

The Bennies

Get a 24% discount on all products

Customize a wellness box each month

Receive reduced (or free) shipping

Change the date of your order anytime

Easy online account maintenance

Earn credits monthly to redeem for FREE products

Receive exclusive FREE gifts with YL's monthly promos

It's FREE to start, stop, and maintain - no catch

The more loyal you are, the more rewards you earn

The Loyalty Rewards Scale:

1-3 months = 10% back

4-24 months = 20% back

25+ months = 25% back

Free gifts at months 3, 6, & 9. SPECIAL gift at month 12 and every year after that.

If you set up your Essential Rewards when you sign up for your Wholesale Membership in the month of January, you'll also receive:


Free Shipping


5ml Mastrante

15ml Orange

15ml Tea Tree

+100pv promo


5ml Manuka

+190pv promo

+100pv promo


15ml Geranium

+250pv promo

+190pv promo

+100pv promo


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