What is the Felicity Collective?

Felicity [fi-lis-i-tee] noun

1. The state of being happy, especially in a high degree; bliss.

BIG changes began to happen in my life starting in 2015. I fell in love, left my family and friends to move across the country, got married, experienced loss, and developed health-related issues. Just like many others who experience a flood of overwhelming changes, I eventually I had an epiphany that life is short, time with loved ones is precious, and living a well-lived life was something I wanted to make a priority. Here's a few things I've learned that I'd like to share with you:

1. Take care of your health.

Without your health, you cannot experience all the amazing things this world has to offer, be the best for your family, share your gifts, or pursue your dreams. Eat well, consume the highest quality herbs/vitamins/minerals/supplements, ditch toxic products in your home, move more, and make space for quality sleep/rest.

2. Take care of your mind.

Technology, speed, and instant gratification are wiping out our ability to slow down, enjoy moments, and take time to recharge, read books/learn more, meditate, journal, etc., so take the time to nurture your mind.

3. Connect.

As an extreme introvert, this one is always a challenge for me, but find a tribe/team/community of people you can connect with, and spend quality time with friends and family when you can...and truly cherish it. Put away your phone and be present.

4. Pursue what lights you up.

God did not intend for us to go through life on meaningless autopilot. He gave us gifts and talents that are meant to serve this world and others. Find out what that is for you and do it as often as you can. For me, this is creative outlets (crochet, drawing, painting) and helping others live well.

The Felicity Collective

Taking care of just me and not sharing the gifts and opportunities I've been given isn't enough. I know when I cut myself off from sharing things that impact my life in a positive way, I feel like I robbed others of a possible solution to their own struggles and goals. My desire is to help others find out what living well means to them, guide them through the process, and build a community of friends making waves to better this world and the lives of as many people as we can.

I have teamed up with a tribe (many of us Christians and creative types, so if you dig Jesus and various creative outlets, then we may just be the perfect community for you) and a lifestyle company who are transforming lives + homes, making the shift to living well super simple, and offering the opportunity to create financial freedom through an additional or multiple income streams in the process.

I am looking for women ready to feel good in their body + home. Women who want to make a bigger, more positive impact through living well and setting an example for others. Women who are ready to level-up their lives, start pursuing more freedom, and earn an income with a fun side gig and community. I want a team who isn't afraid to dream bigger and challenge the status quo. 

Does this sound like you? Or like someone you'd like to grow into? Apply to join the Felicity Collective today!

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