Welcome friend! My name is Tanya (as in tahn-yuh). I am SO glad you made your way over here to hang out with me.


Let me introduce myself a little bit. I'm a super simple 30-something mid-western Texas MinnesOOOtan. I was born and raised in Minnesota and am currently residing in Southeastern Texas. I made my way to the armpit of Texas (seriously...that's what they call it) for love. Corny and cliche, I know, but so it goes. I wouldn't move to a place called the "armpit" for anything less than mad crazy love. Apparently it was worth it, 'cause I've been blissfully married to my amazing Bearded Worship Pastor hubby for almost 2 years now. I am also quite multi-passionate in my interests - everything from faith to creativity to business to mindset to relationships to wellness. I am:

  • saved by grace

  • an identical twin

  • a fighter of hypothyroidism + leaky gut + rosacea + anxiety

  • a crocheter + fiber artist

  • obsessed with plants

  • a coffee lover (especially cold brew)

  • a craft beer snob

  • a photo realistic artist (drawing + painting)

  • inspired by nature + travel

  • a top-tier INFJ introvert (and proud of it!)

  • a business owner

  • a geographical transplant (MN to TX)

  • a holistic wellness coach

  • fluffy blanket obsessed

  • a pianist

  • in love with the color green

  • and so much more!

For so many years I struggled with finding my "niche" - the one thing that I wanted to develop my life and brand around as an entrepreneur. However, I discovered that I didn't care to narrow my life down to just one thing. I felt more torn apart than ever trying to figure that one thing out. So, I ditched the "expert" advice, went rogue, and decided to create a place where I gave myself permission to share ALL of who I am, and the tips, advice, and magic little nuggets along the way I learn about mindset, fitness, nutrition, business, life, relationships, faith, creativity, etc.


So, I hope you stick around and connect with me here and on Instagram regularly, so we can chat together about all the things that make this life so awesome! If you want to connect on a more personal level, email me using the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!  


Instagram is kinda my jam!

{Come on over and let's connect}

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