Hello m'dear!

I'm Tanya [as in tahn-yuh].

I'm a Texas MinnesOOOtan transplant mostly known for my obsession with all things yarn and crochet, but I really love serving the world by inspiring and educating others to live healthy, creative, and abundant lives from the inside-out!

Things I'm really head-over-heels for include my bearded worship pastor hubby, cold brew coffee, yarn, fluffy blankets, the color green, and being a plant mom.

A long time ago...

when my identical twin sister, Tiffany, and I were little, we would spend lots of time at my grandparents house where we'd watch our grandmother crochet. Before she died when we were 10 years old, she made us each a large crochet afghan (which I still have to this day). 

Years later, we both decided to explore the craft, and these days, Tiff and I could easily spend hours together crocheting and binging on Netflix. I like to think that my grandma would be tickled and proud to see how my sister and I have come to love and explore crochet the way we do.


So, I invite you to join The Collective, browse the patterns, grab a cup of coffee or tea, turn on your favorite Netflix show, and spend an afternoon blissing out in creative mode!


Since 2014...

I've been on quite the journey to learning what it means to live well. I've been exploring my physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and creative wellness. I've also been taking care of my home wellness - ridding it of harmful chemicals and toxins that impact the wellness of my body. And on top of that, I've been able to give back to causes and conditions of this world that resonate with my heart and help others live well.

If any of this resonates with you, I personally invite you to join the journey to living well with me...and a community of the most lovely humans ever.

LET'S live


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